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Carpenter Ants

carpenter ants

Did you know Carpenter ants have a history of being a menace in homes?

Carpenter ants are a kind of pest infestation that can affect homes, work spaces and building alike. There are different types of ant infestations that can happen, but one of the most harmful ones is that of the carpenter ants. You need the best pest control solution to stop them from making colonies where you live and work.

Carpenter ants work in a hove caste system and is headed by the queen. The worker ants are the ones scavenging for food as well as most visible on the outside.  The male ants in the colonies are only of use during the reproductive period.

What’s the bait for Carpenter Ants?

A common misconception is they eat what you eat, but that is not true. They get their food well outside of your homes or work spaces, but come inside to stay safe and breed. Ants are inherently laborious, working together to keep their colonies alive and well. They also do not eat wood as those are called termites; carpenter ants chew through the wood to only move ahead.  What is most hazardous about carpenter ants is that they will not appear right above the wood for you to spot but start chewing from the inside. If you aren’t aware of this, they could do this for years as they hollow all your wood and rot your houses.

How do you get carpenter ants?

Improperly sanitized spaces attract ants fastest; unclean kitchen platforms, unwashed dishes or crumbs on the floor are a welcome playground for carpenter ants. As the carpenter ants look for food they leave behind a chemical trail as they go. As you may have seen ants are generally gathered together by following lines, this is because of the trail that the previous ants are leaving.

What should you be looking for?

Identification is the key! It could start out by a few of these black ants foraging for food in areas continuously visible. They are the largest of the ants that could enter your homes so you should be able to see them as they are not very difficult to spot. This is only the beginning, if you spot the infestation it is recommended to call immediately your pest solution company so you protect your home or office.  Next, start to inspect your furniture to see if any damange has been done and possibly see how long you had them.

Why inspect my furniture?

They aren’t that rare of a menace so if you look for them, it is very much likely that you may find a colony or two. You should look for small collected dunes of sawdust around your wooden furniture or porches. They will chew through any and every wood structure and leave small holes on the outside.

What should be done to remove Carpenter Ants?

What you need is immediate pest control because manual removal or various anti-pest products are often unsuccessful in resolving the problem completely. So act wisely, and call for a pest control immediately.

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